Attract sales talent that your competitors won’t using social media

If you think that hiring talent is the biggest pain in the backside, you’re not alone. A tiny 16% of sales leaders believe they have the sales talent they need to succeed. Are you planning for growth, but you’re not sure what your sales team will look like? Maybe you have a team already, but it’s going to take some fine-tuning to get them out-performing the rest?

Let’s look at some areas of social media that you can address now to boost your chances of securing the next generation of top sales talent.

WARNING: A hiring strategy must come first

Before going out to hire, think about what you want to hire first. Fail to plan; plan to fail. Identify what your sales team will look like, the characters within the sales team, personality traits, the territories, the service offering, the level of experience etc.

There is no point hiring without the strategy behind it first. Plan meticulously on who your next hires should be or understand the damage it can do to your brand when you are churning through sales people.

Think about the persona of that candidate. What are their current problems, and what can your business offer to them that no other Water Treatment business can?

Social media

The places that we research when joining a business are completely different to 10 years ago. In 2008, you could research websites and news articles. Now, the media consumption habits have changed dramatically with a huge focus today on social media – especially video.

youtube.pngYouTube – Did you know that every minute, over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube? It’s the most popular site in the world behind Google. Video (of any form) has seen a dramatic rise over the last few years – does your YouTube channel portray your company well?

There are over 1 billion people using YouTube and it’s more popular than Bing or Yahoo.

Not only should you be creating videos for your clients, you should be creating videos to get across your company brand and a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

2000px-Facebook_New_Logo_(2015).svg.pngFacebook – is the most visited social media site by far and are making big investments into video. You can talk directly with customers and are the only social media network who offers excellent messaging, video, image and live-streaming options.

There are a whopping 2.23 billion monthly active users. 1.15 billion mobile users EACH DAY, which has seen an increase of 23% year-over-year. Facebook is too big to ignore. Let’s not forget that Facebook also owns WhatsApp.

Twitter_Bird.svg.pngTwitter – behind Facebook is the 2nd most popular social network. It has 330 million active users and continues to grow each year. With instant access to hiring managers and company feeds, does your Twitter page attract top talent?

Twitter users are likely to be millennials (up to about 35 years old). Think about what your sales team will look like in 5 years – most will be on Twitter. They even say themselves that 80% of its users are “affluent millennials”.

2000px-Instagram_logo_2016.svg.pngInstagram – bought by Facebook for $1bn, it’s now worth $100bn. It would be nice to have $1bn to invest in the first place, but Instagram is tipped to have its user grow more than any other social network. It has adopted the #hashtag like other social media channels, and all posts through Instagram get more engagement than any other social network.

Like Twitter, the user demographics skew towards millennials and generation Z. As such, this is where your future sales talent is searching now.

1280px-LinkedIn_Logo.svg-1.pngLinkedIn – is a great for B2B prospecting but isn’t where Generation Z are hanging out when researching roles. LinkedIn – bought by Microsoft for around $26bn – is moving into the ultimate hiring tool which potentially is being challenged by Google For Jobs. Either way, LinkedIn is the go-to place for any B2B professional – especially in sales.

You will be researched on LinkedIn, and candidates will judge your profile. If you don’t make a strong impression, you’ll be left behind. Hundreds of millions are logging into LinkedIn each month and it is the place to be seen when recruiting.

snapchat_PNG61.pngSnapchat – as teenagers finish studying and move into the workplace, Snapchat could be the social network of the future. If your strategy is to hire Generation Z, you need to get onto Snapchat quickly.

It has 300 million monthly users, with nearly 200 million logging in each day. Potential hires are open to seeing adverts and whilst it’s a little different than the other social media networks – having a presence on Snapchat could be the difference between hiring your next superstar and missing out.


For a small business or individual user, it will be tough to pick out what social media networks you should invest in. However, research into the demographics of each network and pick out where your future sales hires will hang out.