Habits of top salespeople in Water Treatment

With the Water Treatment sector about to go through a rapid growth phase, it’s never looked more promising for sales person to be in the top 5% of the sector. As the industry grows, more salespeople will join which can lead to a very crowded market – as such, how do you separate yourself from other salespeople?

Having placed 100’s in the Water Treatment sector, JS Selection are fascinated to see how the growth will pan out over the next 5 years. We look at the top habits of salespeople in the Water Treatment sector, and how you can make a mark in the industry.

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The 5 P’s. Planning.

Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance. “Fail to plan: plan to fail” is often quoted but is more applicable for salespeople than most others. Having a plan will influence the entire sales and growth forecast.

The sales plan will lay out your strategy, tactics and possible obstacles. Your sales plan will be the blueprint of success for the next 12 months – and if you need help, check out this article here.

High performing salespeople in the Water Treatment sector know how to plan and execute the plan. They look at areas such as; Target Customers, Revenue Target, Tactics, Pricing and more. Plan correctly and you’ll be well on your way to being the best in the industry.

Inner blog (1)Set goals and monitor them.

After you have set your plan, top salespeople in the Water Treatment sector will set goals. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. As they say… Nobody can eat an elephant in one sitting!

Sharing your goals with others will help you even more-so to achieve them.

High performers will be naturally motivated, but by setting goals – those motivations are guided towards the end results. These goals should be individual and unique to you. They should be set by you and not management.

When the goals are set, top salespeople will habitually monitor them using milestones. Treat your sales goals as a contract with yourself and you’ll find it harder to break them.

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Know what you’re selling. Inside and out.

Often, we will speak to experienced salespeople who are looking to leave as products and services have become too complicated. Marketing and sales offer mixed message that confuse the client.

A top sales person in the Water Treatment sector will not only be able to sell complex solutions, they will be able to explain it clients in a simple and effective manner. The very best will devote extra time to study the solutions – coming up with potential objections, competing against the competition, checking out the flaws.

The top 5% of salespeople are both commercially and technically astute. Clients buy from those salespeople in the Water Treatment who have extensive knowledge of the industry.

Inner blog (3)Qualify qualify qualify

Classic sales methodologies, but important nonetheless. Average salespeople will pitch their solutions before understanding the prospect.

Top salespeople will qualify all prospects to the Nth degree. They know how to extract information in a consultative manner and add value to the prospect’s business without coming across as very “pitchy”. As the growth continues in the Water Treatment sector, the top performers separate themselves by being unquestionably brilliant and qualifying clients.

Salespeople at the top of their game act more like a consultant, and as such will come across like an expert in the eyes of their prospect.

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Sell to the Chiefs

Selling to CEOs is tough, but manageable. Linking to the point above about the best being able to qualify… the best salespeople are also able to sell to the top dogs. If you want to be in the top 5% of salespeople in the Water Treatment sector, you should find a way to pitch to CxO level and not to mid-level management.

The best salespeople spot who controls the budget, and Water Treatment salespeople often look for a large part of the budget! Successful salespeople don’t waste their time on non-decision makers. Focus your efforts on selling to prospects who can invest in your solution.

Inner blog (5).pngUnderstands the Processes

Good salespeople can plan, are technically sound and qualify well with executives. The best salespeople understand the processes of selling complex solutions. In the Water Treatment sector, we know that services can be intricate – and the best salespeople know their company’s sales process – as well as their client’s processes. The best in the Water Treatment sector will guide clients to the point that they’re ready to buy.


How many of these traits do you think you have? What other traits are important to you? Feel free to drop me a message or contact me on [email protected]