Legionella Testing market and forecast – Predictions

In 2016 the Legionella testing market was valued at $180m – but is expected to reach $400m by 2025. This is a staggering level of growth (nearly 10% compound annual growth rate – CAGR), according to the Transparency Market Research.


This is due to the rising awareness that Legionella bacteria is everywhere, due to its ubiquitous properties.

As such, this is leading to further research and developments within the water testing market to prevent infections. So much so that water testing has been projected as a fast-growing sector over the next 7 years.

What does it mean for your business and how can you benefit from this from a recruitment point of view? Below, I highlight the areas to be aware of as your water treatment business grows.

Talent shortage / over-competition for specialistsglass-of-water

As the market is set to double over the next 7 years, it is unlikely that the amount of specialist talent to meet the market demands will be available.

You will find that those who have niche background in water treatment or Legionella expertise will be highly sought after. As such, you will be competing against other companies to secure their services.

In turn, that leads to an expensive battle to hire water treatment experts.

My advice would be to work on your EVP (Employer Value Proposition). Offer what other companies cannot – whether it is stock options, personal development or more. You must make your water treatment business as appealing as possible or talent will find positions elsewhere.

Skills gapswater (2)

The market demand is likely to move faster than the general expertise of talent. As such, you will have to hire people on the proviso that they will further their knowledge in the water treatment market.

My advice is that you will have to hire “junior” applicants to train and develop them. Alongside this, you should hire on personality and team-fit – and then give applicants the knowledge that they need to be successful.

Less “full-time” employeeswater (1)

In the next 3 years, it’s likely that over 50% of the workforce will be contracted in some form or another. Expertise may only be required for a short period of time in specialist areas, and with the water treatment sector being a growing market globally, candidates may not want to commit to full-time contract.

My advice would be to ensure you are set up for contractors. Ensure that your business is comfortable working with a variety of matrix-teams as projects will be very varied for you.

Worldwide coveragewater

As mentioned above, water treatment and Legionella affects the market globally. It’s not a geographically isolated topic.

You will have to be comfortable hiring the relevant expertise from all over the world. Due to the skills gaps mentioned above, you will find that experts are only in certain countries and if you are looking to grow your business, you will need to be flexible when hiring international support.

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