Prospecting through LinkedIn: how Water Treatment sales people can improve social selling


Top prospecting tips on LinkedIn

Are your connections in a new role?

Have you checked out “People Also Viewed?”

Who likes or comments on your competitors posts?

Who has interacted with your own posts?

Have you checked out your Alumni?

What skill endorsements have your competitors got?


Are you comfortable with social selling? Have you even heard of social selling but not put much thought into it? Or you’ve researched social selling and thought that the traditional prospecting methods are the best?

Social selling is a topic that is just hitting the Water Treatment industry, but nobody has really cracked the nut just yet.

For some salespeople, social selling is “the future” – especially on LinkedIn. Some of you in the Water Treatment industry have an all-star profile that’s in mint condition, where every box has been ticked. You will research a prospect before contacting them, regularly engage on the news feed and use filters to narrow down your target market.

For most salespeople however, social selling it too much of a change from what has served you so well for so long.

But what if you’re finding it tougher to fill your sales funnel with new opportunities? Check out these top tips on how to use LinkedIn for prospecting.

Top prospecting tips on LinkedIn

1.      Are your connections in a new role?

Firstly, check out your notifications at the top of LinkedIn.


As people on LinkedIn change jobs, providing that you are a 1st level connection with them – you will get a notification saying, “Congratulate Jon Stewart for starting a new position as Director at JS Selection”. It will also give you a nice little button to “say congrats”.

When someone changes jobs, it’s an opportune moment to swoop in as it’s likely that they will want to shake things up with a new product or service.

You’ll also be able to see what your connections have been up to, their work anniversaries and even their birthdays! Add the prospect to your list and reach out with superb info sooner rather than later.


2.      Have you checked out “People Also Viewed”?

How can you make a copy of your best client?

Go to the profile your best clients or hottest prospects. On the right, “People Also Viewed” should show similar and relevant contacts that you can prospect to.

When you visit your own profile, who comes up as a similar match to you?

people also viewed

3.      Who likes or comments on your competitors posts?

This requires plenty of research, and could be left to your marketing department or even a virtual assistant. Selling to a client of a competitor is very tough. Arguably though, it’s easier than finding a new client altogether.

When you have formulated WHY their clients should move over to your service, add them to your pipeline and start communicating.

You could even go one step further and check out your competition’s connections – providing the privacy settings are adjusted accordingly.

4.      Who has interacted with your own posts?

Back to the notifications at the top of your LinkedIn page.


As you start sharing posts and commenting on relevant articles, you’ll receive notifications saying that someone has liked your post. Other people can like, share and comment on pretty much any social selling now – and it’s important that you engage with your own network.

Don’t post articles and then leave the comments.

If you have a paid LinkedIn account, you will be able to see ever user who visits your profile. If it’s a free account, you will be limited to what you can see – although the data will be under “Posts & Activity”.

Posts and activity

5.      Have you checked out your Alumni?

This is a cool feature of LinkedIn. Copy the link into your browser. You’ll get a monster list of prospects who attended the same school or university as you.

The advantage here is that you will automatically have something in common with someone. Use the search feature to narrow down your results and you should have more prospects added to your sales funnel.


6.      What skill endorsements have your competitors got?

Last of the simple tips is to check out the endorsements of your competitors. Endorsements on LinkedIn are easy to give out, and all it takes is a bit of time to get through the research.

Scroll to the Skills & Endorsements section and click on the endorsement itself. It will give you a list of everyone who has endorsed that skill (while remaining visible) and will give you several new clients to add into your prospect list.


There is more to LinkedIn and social selling than these 6 points, but I thought it would be a good start to understand how you can add in more prospects to your pipeline. As I spend most of my life on LinkedIn, I’d gladly help on more LinkedIn tips that can help your Water Treatment business become more successful.